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Our business is about creating unique products and services for a unique group of customer whose needs are always changing and evolving rapidly. Therefore been innovative and taking into account the needs of the customer at every touch point of our operation is key to delivering a memorable and inspiring brand experience. All of this achieved through the passion and dynamism of our team, including our suppliers who share our strong values and demonstrate the same commitment to operating responsibly and ethically across all facets of our business.


A diversified portfolio of brands trusted and loved.

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Founder & CEO

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“A key aspect to brand development here at MBR is the layering of new concepts that are fresh and relevant. Each brand has an ethos and a point of view, an identity and a purpose, which define and differentiate our brands in the marketplace.”


We win with people we don’t win with products

Supplier partnerships are crucial to the success of our business. At MBR our supply chain consist of a vast network of suppliers across the globe through which we purchase materials, products and services that are integral part of our operations. Across the many countries and territories in which we source our products and services, these relationships help ensure that we can grow our business responsibly, sustainably and profitably.

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SKILLZ for Africa Programme

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MBR has officially launched its “SKILLZ” for Africa Programme at its corporate offices in London. “SKILLZ” for Africa is an initiative which aims to provide access to sporting equipment including apparel, footwear and sporting accessories for the most under privileged children across Africa.

Sister Sister and E4W collaborate

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MBR has today agreed to partner with the Eye for Wear finalists class of 2018. This agreement means that finalists of the programme will be able to show case their talents by working closely with our designers on the summer collection for its signature brand Sister Sister.

Modelling Casting Call

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MBR is currently seeking models for its upcoming photoshoot for its elite sportswear brand FMFB. FMFB is MBR’s signature brand for the elite athlete who is serious about achieving peak performance.